OptiEnz Sensors 

Continuous Monitoring, Real-Time Decisions

OptiEnz® Sensors drastically reduces the time required to obtain measurements of water quality – process operators no longer need to “fly blind.” By providing instrumentation systems that make continuous measurement of the concentration of organic chemicals in water, OptiEnz reduces cost and increases efficiency of manufacturing processes involving water in industries including biopharma, biofuels, oil & gas, food & beverage, and groundwater.

OptiEnz Sensors has developed innovative, breakthrough products for continuously monitoring organic chemical concentrations in water and aqueous solutions. The OptiEnz sensing system is easy to use and provides accurate results at a fraction of laboratory analysis costs — no pretreatment, expensive equipment, or skilled labor required. Simple. Accurate. Inexpensive.

Traditional  testing involves collecting samples in bottles for analysis at a remote laboratory. OptiEnz Sensors performs measurements precisely at the source — in a pipe, a water treatment facility, a tank, a vessel, or a bioreactor — where it should be measured.

Continuous monitoring. In-place analysis. Immediate results. 


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• Groundwater monitoring
• Site remediation
• Water quality monitoring



• Fermentation process monitoring
• Biofuels
• Biopharma

Food and Beverage


• Food safety
• Flow control
• Process control

Oil and Gas


• Produced water treatment
• Flowback water treatment