OptiEnz: The Continuous Monitoring Experts

OptiEnz BioSensors has developed innovative, breakthrough technology for continuously measuring organic chemical concentrations in water and aqueous solutions. The OptiEnz sensing system is easy to use and provides accurate results at a fraction of laboratory analysis costs—no pretreatment, expensive equipment, or skilled labor required. Simple. Accurate. Inexpensive.

Bring the Lab to your Work Site

Traditional water testing involves putting samples into bottles for analysis at a remote laboratory. OptiEnz biosensors take measurements where the water is—in a groundwater well, in a lake, in a pipe, at a manufacturing facility, or at a water treatment plant.

Continuous monitoring. In-place analysis. Immediate results.

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• Groundwater monitoring
• Site remediation
• Water quality monitoring



• Fermentation process monitoring

Food and Beverage


• Food safety
• Flow control
• Process control

Oil and Gas


• Produced water treatment
• Fracking water treatment